The Maximum Code

A film series about stories of fly fishing united by one point; The question of the right dealing with the resource nature.

Let's not fool ourselves. Even if the local trout river is a popular place to relax, well-known house waters are a guarantee for a fisherman's success - the waters of which we dream secretly and which we yearn for are usually more holiday and travel destinations than everyday business. According to the motto "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."

As a result, a well-connected and steadily growing fishing tourism sector has developed over the last few years, both nationally and internationally, which is more than a negligible economic activity. Occupancy conservation and water body measures are co-financed by the revenues of the fishing tourism and are extensively supported. Organizers as well as participants fulfill their role in the cycle of water discovery, -use and -conservation. It is no longer about the biggest fish and the most unique destination. Sustainability and conservation have become major issues of fly fishing.

Whenever fishing tourism is carried out in this context, which has to take into account the needs of fishing, nature and organizers, interesting stories are written. Our film project collects these stories and illuminates positive as well as negative examples of an industry that has made the longing for the next take to their business.