Team Nowhere in Norway

The contributors from left to right:


Luckily Nico was crazy enough to go through this trip with Peter. Because he is not only a reliable cameraman, but also reliable when it comes to build and supply the camp. No one cooks the hot water bottles for the night faster and keeps the motivation up while fishing better than the capable Swabian. In addition, it was proved in Norway that Nico has a talent for searun browntrout fishing. He caught not only his first, but also 32 more dream trout in the cold Baltic Sea up to 60 cm in length.


Had the idea for this project in mind for a long time and was significantly responsible for the planning. On site, he could then rely on the perfect cooperation with Nico – both while fishing as well as in the production of The Maximum Code / Vol. 3. That after the trip, the entire skin of his hands peeled of – maybe it was a bit too cold without gloves – did not bother him either; the trip was perfect!