Team Renaelva

Nicolas and Peter are a great team of fishermen. But that's not a enough to have a great movie in the end. To realize such a project, a lot of hands are needed to work out planning, organization and production. Making this movie would not have been such fun and success without our 2 mates Nico and Tore - many thanks to you guys!


It is hard to find a person whose life is more connected to flyfishing and the outdoors! Tore is not only an inspiring and modest Norwegian, he is teaching students at Hedmark University College in becoming guides for fishing, hunting and wildlife. If you are clever enough to book him as your guide, you will feel his passion and have an unforgettable day on the water. His knowledge and experience concerning all types of flyfishing in the Hedmark region is unparalleled! Tore is one of the initiators of the present river management concept on the Rena River and delivered some essential input to our movie project 'Renaelva'.


Nico is a passionate pragmatist. A clear contradiction. Really! Because Nico is from the Black Forest Region and people there do not take it too closely with those contradictions. Fuel too expensive? Distance too far? Chances too low? A trip of that sort, a young Swabian can refuse. But only until one sends him the latest trophy picture to his cell phone... And what Nico does, Nico does good - this also applies to fly fishing! He has left his last stage of gearfishing a while ago and the fly rod is his new companion. With this he conjures regularly trophy trouts from his own creek. If Nico is not fishing, he is building heavy machinery and working on his own house in his spare time. Somehow, he still is a real Swabian.