Mountain Char

special creatures, interested in dry flies

The Background

Nico and Peter hiked out into the wilderness of Swedish Lapland searching for char. They had to carry everything they needed with them. For 8 days of hiking, fishing and filming that is quite a lot.
The fjäll in northern Sweden is famous for the many fishing possibilities. Out in the wild you can find waters that are under ice for half of the year. The rest of the year not so many anglers come to fish, because often it is a long way to go.

The Waters

Sweden is shaped by water. Almost everywhere you can find rivers, lakes and streams that want to be fished. Especially in the north of the country you will find wild waters that are little fished and that offer good, natural populations. From crystal-clear mountain lakes, steeply sloping, cold rivers to deep and unbelievably large lakes, there is water as far as the eye can see. Almost everywhere these waters are so clean and untouched that their water has drinking water quality. The fish you can catch are of incredible beauty and absolutely wild.

The Rules

In most regions, you buy a license that covers a whole area. This license is downloaded as a pdf file and contains all the rules and a list of fishable waters. Often there is also a map that helps to find the right water. If a part of the waters is otherwise leased, part of a nature reserve, or requires an additional permit, this is marked accordingly. On the following website you will find a good first orientation:

The Effect

With great power comes great responsibility - spiderman knew! And because one can hike to almost every place in the fjäll, people who do should take care of nature, obey the little rules that exist and keep nature clean! Because the effect of the established system up in the north of sweden is not only a fishermans paradise, but also a fragile system, everyone has to support by acting responsible!