Nowhere in Norway

Found fish, far away

The Background

Fishing in the coastal waters of Norway is possible without a fishing license. In addition, there is the so-called "everyone's right". This states, among other things, that in the wilderness at least one night may be camped, as long as private land is not entered, or nature is destroyed.
Why does such a system work? There are respectable protection zones for migrating spawning fish, the coast of Norway is infinitely long and there seems to be a generally different mentality towards the resource nature ...

The Waters

The coast of Norway stretches for about 100,000 kilometers. This incredible number is provided by the numerous islands and fjords that make up a unique habitat. Nico and Peter fished in different parts of a fjord in northern Norway, somewhere between Trondheim and the Arctic Circle.

The coastal regions are incredibly rich in different types of fish and crustaceans, thus providing a large amount of food for various larger species of fish such as the searun browntrout, which occurs in considerable numbers here and grows to handsome size and stature.

The Rules

The most important rules are quite simple:

  • -It may be camped for one night, if the nature is not disturbed and private ground is not entered
  • -No fishing license is required for fishing in the sea
  • -Marked protected areas near ascent rivers must be respected
  • -The minimum size for sea trout is 35 cm (we recommend at least 45cm!)

(Without guarantee, as of 2018)


The Effect

The fish population in the coastal area seems to be in tact. Especially the searun browntrout population can not be compared with German conditions.

Of course, the higher productivity of the region also plays a role and the factor that there are significantly more ascent and spawning opportunities for sea trout. The significantly lower fishing pressure is not to be underestimated in its importance aswell.

BUT: In Norway, a lot is done to make sure everything stays that way. Work on and for the ascension flows, control and protection of migratory fish populations and a generally responsible handling of fish and nature.

I visited the region we fish in "Nowhere in Norway" already in the summer. There it was a unique fishery, which was supposed to be topped by searun browntrout fishing in the spring. So I wanted to come back, with tent, in snow and ice. I had to do some convincing work, then Nico was ready to accompany me ... it was to be an unforgettable trip.


I had never caught a searun browntrout with the flyrod before. On the first day of our trip I was able to catch a dream fish of over 60cm in length. I was immediately stoked, even though I initially had great reservations because of the harsh conditions. And the fishing should get even better ...